Want to maximize the benefits of online casino bonuses and promotions?WagerX.com reveals the secrets to how it is possible!WagerX.com release the following case study to show how to optimize your casino deposit. This strategy works for all online casinos; not just WagerX.com.This is what happened to an “ideal client” in this case study.

He read all of the information on bonuses and promotions. Although this sounds simple, it is essential to understand the fine print. Many casinos offer special terms of service pages for each casino. Casinos make money by giving you a bonus and then requiring that you gamble for a certain amount of time so that you can lose both your initial deposit and the bonus amount. This is known as the “playthrough requirement.”Knowing the playthrough requirement and odds of winning the game is essential. You can make money if you find a casino with a low playthrough requirement and a high bonus.

He emailed us to confirm that the bonuses he received at other CWC platforms were not denied him compensation at WagerX.com.You should be cautious when dealing with other casinos as there may be sister sites that are part of the same business platform. If this happens, you might not be eligible to receive the bonus if the bonus was granted on another “sister” casino website. Always email the customer service department. They will inform you. Don’t go there if they don’t. If they take too long to contact you, don’t go there. Individuals have different waiting times. In my situation, I don’t mind waiting 24 hours for customer support to get me.WagerX.com offers all bonuses to players regardless of whether they are currently playing at other CWC Gaming-based casinos. CWC-based casinos have a variety of positions on whether they allow US players to gamble on their sites. Each one will need to be questioned.

He carefully analyzed each bonus and calculated his starting position. Nearly all casinos offer an initial deposit bonus. Some casinos offer a second or third deposit bonus. There are restrictions on how much bonus they will allow for each promotion. The client used all three deposit bonuses in this case study. First Deposit: 100% up until $150His first deposit to a casino was $150 via Neteller. Second Deposit: 50% to $150.He received a $150 bonus for his second deposit of $300 via Neteller. He maximized his bonus allotment. Third Deposit: 75% up until $75For a $75 bonus, he made a $100 deposit via Neteller. Neteller also offered deposit bonuses. Neteller Deposit Bonus: Neteller bonuses are a fixed 10% for all Neteller deposits. His total deposit was $550.His bonus was $55.

He sent an email again to confirm his “play through requirements” and the terms and conditions for wagering requirements to be considered fair gaming. There are also requirements regarding the maximum allowed bet per hand. We averaged his three deposits, and his maximum bet was $46 per hand.

You would have made $550 via Neteller and had a balance of $980 if you did the same thing. (PLUS $50 for the Bentley Key Code.

Cash Balance: $550.00

Bonus Balance: $430.00

Total Balance: $980.00 (Almost twice your initial investment)

With a low enough playthrough requirement and a game that isn’t rigged more than the house advantage, you can meet the playthrough requirement and keep any bonus. Baccarat is one example of a game that offers the most player benefits. We wish you all the best with your online casino adventures.

There are many online casino review websites. Every online casino reviewer will give you their opinion on the plethora of online casinos that are out there. We will use our online casino review template to show you what to look for to help you find the best online casino.


This section will tell you about the signup bonus at the site. It is usually a match of a certain percentage of your first deposit. There are also many other bonuses at the online casino. Re-deposit rewards can also be popular. These are where the online casino matches a certain percentage of your future deposits (say once per month, your first deposit).

Bonuses can be game-specific or even day-specific. You may be offered cash prizes or game tokens for free.

The Progressive Jackpot is a lovely type of bonus. It starts at $500, but each day without anyone winning the jackpot, an additional $50 is added to it. This process continues until someone wins the entire kit-and-kaboodle. After that, the bank is reset to its original level.

Promotions are similar to bonuses. They are usually time-based and special events that offer larger prizes than usual. These may include vacations or automobiles.


After reading some online casino reviews, it’s clear that only a handful of online casino software programs are used by most of them. These include Microgaming and Cryptologic, as well as RealTime Gaming and Playtech. However, you might also find an occasional online casino that uses its software.

Each software brand has its strengths and weaknesses. Many of these are subjective. It might be a good idea to seek an online casino reviewer who shares your opinions about casinos and software platforms. You can trust their opinion when criticizing or praising a particular online casino software.

  • Gameplay is fast and smooth
  • Software reliability
  • Interface usability
  • Table view options (Bird’s Eye and 3D Player-Centered).
  • Selecting automated features (auto post blinds, preselect bi/fold buttons)

This section also contains information about how players are represented (text, icons, and avatars) and the quality and quantity of graphics (including sound effects and background sounds).


This online casino review section will tell you which games and how many you can play at each casino. You can play games such as Craps and Baccarat, Blackjack or Roulette, Keno, Video Poker, or Slots.


This is the location to find out about the speed, reliability, security, and security for payouts. The online casino will disclose the third-party audits they have received (and whether or not they publish the results). This includes their payout percentages and the random number generators they use. There may be affiliations between online casinos and organizations that require them to adhere to specific codes and ethical standards.

Customer Support

This section of the online casino review explains the various ways you can contact customer support (email, phone, or live chat), as well as the hours and quality (i.e., How responsive and courteous they are.